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Fully licensed Waste Collection Services

Our Licence is granted by the four Dublin Council Authorities and permits Allen Waste Removals to collect a variety of different types of waste throughout the Dublin area.


General waste

Wastes from chimney sweeping, Biodegradable waste, Soil and stones. Other non-biodegradable wastes, Mixed municipal waste, Waste from markets, Street-cleaning residues, Edible oil and fat, Septic tank sludge, Waste from sewage cleaning, Bulky waste, Waste plastics and End-of-life tyres.


Building waste

Chemical waste disposal Allen Waste Removals employ a fully insured professional demolition team to carry out all their work, with safety a priority. We collect Concrete, Bricks, Tiles and ceramics, Mixtures of, or separate fractions of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics containing dangerous substances, Wood, Glass, Plastic, Copper, bronze, brass, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc, Iron and steel, Tin, Mixed metals, Plastic and rubber.



Chemical waste

Chemical waste disposalSolvents, Acids, Alkalines, Photochemicals, Pesticides, Fluorescent tubes and other mercury containing waste. Discarded equipment containing chlorofluorocarbons, Paint, inks, adhesives and resins containing dangerous substances. Waste paint and varnish containing organic solvents or other dangerous substances, Detergents, Cvtotoxic and cvtostatic medicines, General Medicines, Batteries and accumulators, Brake fluids, Antifreeze fluids containing dangerous substances. All chemical waste is disposed of safely and according to enviromental regulations.


Organic waste

Waste from forestry, Waste bark and cork, Sawdust, shavings, cuttings, wood, particleboard and veneer containing dangerous substances, Waste bark and wood.


Electrical waste

Chemical waste disposalDiscarded electrical and electronic equipment, Transformers and capacitors containing PCBs etc. Fridges, fridefreezers, Cookers, washing machines, Computer and IT equiptment. Packaging Paper and cardboard packaging, Plastic packaging, Wooden packaging, Metallic packaging, Composite packaging, Mixed packaging, Glass packaging, Textile packaging.



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Fully Insured

We are fully insured to Collect a variety of waste from around the City and County

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Our team of professional workers can clear and lift any waste from any location. View all our waste management services

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Our team can clear out and clean down any room or entire property you require. View before and after photos of our work.

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